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TASCAM Series 208i audio interface

Mã SP: 003125
Thương hiệu: Tascam 0 đánh giá

Giá thường: 11.300.000₫

Khuyến mãi, Ưu đãi

Tặng dây micro cao cấp

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Thanh toán: 11.300.000₫

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The SERIES 208i audio/MIDI interface is the right choice for professional studio and live recording. It provides up to 20 audio inputs and eight audio outputs to a Mac or Windows computer or an iOS device, for recording and playback at up to 192 kHz / 24 bit and with the superb audio performance one expects from Tascam. Controllable with included custom software, this versatile USB interface is equipped with a powerful DSP input and output mixer with built-in digital reverb, compressor, phase invert and four-band EQ for each channel. Having this processor included internally eliminates all latency issues and takes the load off the computer allowing it to process the audio more efficiently. A new USB driver offers very high stability, ensuring reliable performance throughout all phases of your projects.

The four analogue mic/line/instrument combo inputs are fitted with Tascam’s transparent, natural-sounding, low-noise Ultra-HDDA mic preamps and individually switchable phantom power (+48 volt). A maximum of 20 inputs (eight at 192 kHz) are available when using the two multi-channel optical ports which can accept up to 16 channels of audio input from a ADAT- or S/MUX-compatible devices. Eight balanced 6.3-mm line outputs enable multiple monitor mixes or up to 7.1 surround monitoring and there are dual headphone outputs with dedicated level control. Word clock input and output ensure correct synchronisation with other digital audio devices. And you can also connect your favorite MIDI devices to the rear-panel MIDI input and output to use them with your recording software.

The angled tabletop design gives easy access to all front-panel controls. You can quickly adjust the monitor output level with a large front-panel Monitor knob, and use the handy Monitor Balance control to mix live input with computer playback for zero-latency overdubs.

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